Enterocutaneous Fi s tula : Aetiology and Management Outcome in a Tertiary Center in Nigeria

C Okoli, D Oparocha, J Onyemkpa


Background: Forensic pathology is fashioned primarily to
provide expert service to the justice system as it relates to
investigation of death and criminal trial. However, the role is
broader as it plays important role in medical research and is of
immense benefit to clinicians, patients, and the public health
system. The request for and performance of autopsy have
been on the decline despite its obvious merits to medical
practice, the patients and public health. Several surveys have
exposed some reasons for this decline.
Method: This work is a review of the role of forensic
pathology to medical practice and public health. The author
reviewed selected relevant literatures and put together the
role of forensic pathology to proper health planning and
efficient patient care.
Conclusion: A need for the rebirth of autopsy practice is
emphasized by highlighting the need for awareness creation
among doctors and the general public.

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