Demographic Characteristics and Review of Patients with Locally Advanced Breast Cancer in Sudan.

AA Alawad, AA Alshiekh, AM Alhaj


Background: In Sudan, breast cancer is one of the most
common malignancy affecting women and the incidence
rates appear to be rising. Unfortunately, most of the
patients present in advanced stage.
Objective: To obtain information on demographic
characteristics, clinicopathological profile and factors
related to late presentation.
Patients and Method: This is a cross sectional study of
female patients who presented with locally advanced
breast cancer at National Cancer Institute, Sudan from April
2009 through May 2011.
Results: A total of 144 patients ranging in age from 25 -
71 years (mean 47 years) were included in the study. Of
these 62.5% were premenopausal women. More than 60%
of the patients presented after >1 year following onset of
symptoms. Sixty-eight per cent of patients attributed their
late presentation to lack of education and funds.

Conclusion: Our study shows that locally advanced
breast cancer patients presented at a younger age Lack of
education, financial issues and dependency on traditional
medicine accounted for late presentation. We suggest that
the attitude of Sudanese females towards breast cancer has
to change through continuous and targeted public

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