History/origin of the Huyen Langlon

Thang Ta The growth of contemporary fight sports type

History/origin of the Huyen Langlon:

Depending on to the cultural history of Manipur, this martial craft type understood as “Huyen Langlon” is actually said to have created and also been inspired coming from many well-known local area hymns and legends. It was thereby from within this identical area that a martial art form known as Huyen Langlon was very first cultivated.

Thang Ta is the well-liked, an usual name, given to ‘Huyen Langlon’, the indigenous Martial fine art body of the Meetei ethnicity, major citizens of the valley of Kangleipak, the here and now Manipur condition, Northeast India – ‘Thang’ suggests saber, & ‘Ta’ indicates javelin, as these are the principal weapons utilized.

To untrained eyes, it might seem to be to discuss a lot of similarities to other designs of Indian martial arts – the historical Shastra Vidya & Vajramusthti; Kalaripayat of Kerala; Gatka of Sikhs, Silambam of Tamils; the craft forms still practised in several Akharas across India–

However one must understand that it is actually quite distinctive & different coming from the rest, honored to be distinct & particular in its very own, coming from the very beginning of its own life on its own.

Thang Ta is a comprehensive martial art, comprehensive in the sense that it possesses both the exterior (bodily & wellness) & internal (reflection, attention, self growing, & awareness of sense & mind) parts, consisting of ceremonial & metaphysical facets, the method of which certainly not merely maintains us healthy & aids in self-defense, yet likewise creates us knowledgeable about our rich social culture & the wonderful gallantry of our progenitors.

Beginning of Thang Ta lies in the really source of the Meetei Race & the background of Kangleipak itself. Although the written documents of Thang Ta is relatively previously, however some ancient kind of Thang Ta, must possess been exercised during or even before the supremacy of the 1st Monarch of Kangleipak Kingdom, Konchin Tukthapa Ipu Athouba Pakhangba around (+ >) 2000 BC.

Thang Ta has been actually used by the Meeteis since lots of years to protect their Kingdom versus many foreign intruders (Chinese, Burmese etc.) & last but not least the British in the Khongjom & Anglo-Manipuri battle of 1891.

(Only handful of Meetei Thang Ta enthusiasts under the fantastic Paona Brajabasi, with a weak supply of upper arms, battled fearlessly versus the a lot highly effective & bigger British Army. Paona was actually pointed out to have reduced even the British Bombs along with his sword in the air prior to they burst.).

Due to the geographical proximity, Thang Ta brought about the development of fighting styles of bordering Kingdoms of Kangleipak – like Thaing martial body (Banshay & Bando etc) of Burma (Myanmar), as well as probably, regardless of whether not therefore significantly, Krabi-Krabong (the mommy craft of Muay Thai or even Thai Boxing) of Thailand and so on, even to Chinese- there is story/legend of lots of Chinese concerning Manipur to find out Thang Ta, after the terrific Meetei King, Meidingu Mungyamba,( 1562-1597) reduced the Chinese fighting styles expert (due to the label: Moydana or Mayadana) sent out to challenge him through a Chinese king/chief (with the name ‘Piyango’, as recognized to Meeteis).

After the initial restriction of Thang Ta by the British govt. (just before ~ 1930), the resurgence of the craft began progressively near & after the Independence.

Ever since, Thang Ta professionals have actually been providing many presentations as an executing art on stage in numerous celebrations & cultural functions- such death eluding & exceptional, with stimulates soaring out around form the conflicting bayonets & sabers, are the demos that Thang Ta is actually becoming prominent tremendously, both across the country & worldwide.

Ojha R.K.Sanahal was actually one of the best Thang Ta experts of all opportunity- he was the one that did the widely known stopping of saber strikes along with his bare hand as a part of the Thang Ta demonstration arranged through Gandhiwadis, in one of the Conference of Indian National Congress in Guwahati, Assam (around 1930’s).

He was actually additionally the one who created, ‘The Meetei Huyen Langlon Thang Ta Academy’, in 4th Nov. 1934.

Ojha Premkumar & his group ensured & popularized Thang Ta, specially the sporting activity aspect (consequently taken into consideration as the present Grandmaster) in different component of India, & likewise to other nations.

Align to right now, no one has actually forgotten the impressive manifestation (sword vs spear battle) given by him & his team in the ‘Indian Martial fine art Seminar’ managed by the Karate Sensai, Mr. Moses Tilak, at Chennai, in 1980.

Thus deeply pleased by his knowledge of the craft, was one of the Kalaripayat expert, Shri Balan Gurukal (from Mepiel Village, Calicut) that he requested the Ojha to educate Thang Ta to his boy, & consequently delivered his child to Manipur, around 1985. According to the approval given by his master to teach the secret craft to non- Meeteis (Thang Ta was a top secret craft of Meetei -outsiders were commonly not given access), he began spreading the craft, beginning with Assam, & today to almost all Indian States.

In the year 1987, the very first State Level Thang Ta sporting activity competition was actually coordinated due to the Academy, for the very first time in the history of Thang Ta, at Yumnam Huidrom, Imphal.

With raising recognition of Thang Ta across the country, Thang Ta Federation of India (TTFI) was created in 1993, & in the very same year, the 1st National Thang Ta Championship was coordinated in Manipur, with 12 conditions participating. Ever since the Federation has actually organized 17 championship games as much as 2010, in the last one, 27 State Associations took part; consisting of one nationwide alliance cup championship at Delhi on 7-9Jan.2011, for selecting crew to embody India in the 1st International Championship.

Along with such a fast pace of growth of Thang Ta, its immediate reputation & great attraction both in your home & internationally, it is actually safe to forecast that the time will definitely soon come when the Thang Ta is actually featured as one of the formal award video games at International Olympic; & our youths will certainly gain name & prominence certainly not merely on their own, yet more essentially for the Mother nation as a player of Thang Ta, the native martial art of our own nation.

Weapon utilized in the Huyen Langlon:

The primary items made use of in this form of fighting style are the thang i.e. sword as well as ta i.e. spear.

Technique associated with the Huyen Langlon and also training availability:

In terms of procedure, a boxer in the “unarmed” form of fight uses moves such as palm strikes, boots, and struggling approach. However in the “equipped” battle there are 2 methods that are included, and also they are actually as complies with:

Sword technique: The competitor keeps a falchion in the hand as well as flexes one lower leg ahead while other leg is actually stretched in reverse. Furthermore, the feet placement of the fighter in the course of a battle constitutes 45 degree viewpoint.

Spear approach: Essentially involves the competitor using more of his reduced physical body. It calls for the competitor to open out of the physical body to simulate the area covering the heavens (which is actually named nongphan), and area dealing with the ground (which is called leiphal).

On top of that, making use of harpoon is thought about to be harder than making use of saber.

Given that after that, Thang Ta professionals have actually been offering several exhibitions as a doing art on phase in a variety of festivities & social functions- such death defying & excellent, with stimulates soaring out all over form the conflicting falchions & harpoons, are the presentations that Thang Ta is actually ending up being popular exceptionally, each nationally & worldwide.

Ojha R.K.Sanahal was one of the greatest Thang Ta professionals of all opportunity- he was the one who performed the well-known obstructing of saber strikes along with his bare palm as a part of the Thang Ta manifestation arranged through Gandhiwadis, in one of the Conference of Indian National Congress in Guwahati, Assam (around 1930’s).

He was additionally the one that set up, ‘The Meetei Huyen Langlon Thang Ta Academy’, in 4th Nov. 1934. In the year 1987, the very first State Level Thang Ta sport competitors was coordinated through the Academy, for the very first time in the record of Thang Ta, at Yumnam Huidrom, Imphal.

Along with enhancing recognition of Thang Ta country wide, Thang Ta Federation of India (TTFI) was developed in 1993, & in the exact same year, the 1st National Thang Ta Championship was actually coordinated in Manipur, along with 12 conditions getting involved.

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