Jenday Conure: Bird Species Profile

Smart, energised, and also caring little bit of parrots, jenday conures make great animals for managers that can easily hang around socializing with all of them. Intelligent and vivid, these birds have been actually preferred pet dogs for many years. They are suitable for families with children. This helpful and colorful species might be an excellent match if you’re appearing for a major bird individual in a portable size.

Types Overview
USUAL NAMES: Jenday conure, jandaya parakeet, yellow-headed conure, firing parakeet

TAXONOMIC NAME: Aratinga jandaya

ADULT SIZE: 12 inches

LONGEVITY: More than 30 years

Origin and History

The jenday conure is actually belonging to the woodlands, hand groves, and also heavy development of northeastern Brazil. It has a preference for nesting high in tree hollows as well as usually travels in little groups of 30 approximately birds.

The word “jenday” stems from Old Tupi, the native foreign language coming from Brazil. It implies “tiny parrot.” The bird is a secured varieties; its squeeze as well as field are actually forbidden.


Affectionate and also normally fun, jenday conures can create dedicated companion birds. Some jendays may end up being attached to a single person, yet a large number should prosper along with a family unit and also take everybody as members of their group.

Jendays may be very soft and cuddly, usually appreciating a trip on their handler’s shoulder or even inside their tee. When it’s opportunity for some affection, you are going to likewise locate that they usually really love to be pampered and also will definitely accept their head.

Most people admire this bird’s charm as well as pleasant individual. Jenday conures are actually social birds that thrive on interaction. They might certainly not be actually the most effective selection for those that have less than a couple of hours a time to spend with it.

Jenday conures are as smart as various other members of the parrot household and may find out straightforward secrets and also copy audios.

Speech and also Vocalizations

Conures copy individual speech like much larger parrots, but a lot of jendays don’t usually “talk.” That doesn’t imply they’re not entertaining. Numerous pet dog jendays discover to duplicate everyday home noises including telephones as well as microwaves.

A soaring group of jenday conures are actually loud; they have a tendency to call out during the course of flight. If they feel neglected, lots of conures become screamers. If you have close neighbors, a conure could be looked at a raucous hassle.

How to Teach Your Bird to Talk

Jenday Conure Colors and also Markings
Jenday conures have multi-colored plumage along with a red-orange body and eco-friendly airfoils and back. Its own rear has blue feathers, as well as the airfoils are rimmed along with an iridescent blue. Named a yellow-headed conure, it has a yellowish scalp along with orange spots on the skin.

A jenday’s beak is black, and its feet and also legs are grey. It’s a monomorphic varieties, which suggests that DNA or medical sexing is actually the only correct technique to tell guys from ladies. Females have light brown irises and also a gray eye-ring, while males possess darker brown eyes and a white colored eye-ring. This small difference is insufficient for sexing.

On the whole, jenday conures are actually very identical in dimension and appearance to sunlight conures. The easiest technique to tell them apart is the jenday has environment-friendly airfoils, while the sunlight’s wings are actually primarily yellow.

Caring for Jenday Conures

To maintain your bird restful as well as delighted, plan to devote plenty of opportunity with your birds. It’s necessary that the bird doesn’t receive burnt out or even alone; this can lead to damaging chewing as well as naughty behavior.

Though this is actually a small bird that would apparently fit inside a cockatiel cage, it needs so much more space than that. It must go to the very least huge good enough for the bird to cover its own wings and move with ease. It will be best if possesses the capacity to soar in its own cage. These birds are actually incredibly energetic and also recognized to acquire cranky in small rooms.

The downright minimal room should be actually 3 feet long as well as 2 feets large and high. The cage ought to be double its measurements if you decide on to maintain a pair.

Jenday conure pairs typically keep their loving, well-trained pet attributes if both birds acquire appropriate attention. They can easily additionally be actually housed with yet another sort of conure, especially sunlight, gold-capped, as well as blue-crowned conures. Two conure types may interbreed, however, hybridization spoils a currently limited genetics pool; it is actually certainly not highly recommended. If a mix between a sun conure as well as jenday occurs, the hybrid is contacted a “sunday.”.

Common Health Problems.

Jenday conures are actually durable birds that may rapidly adjust to property life. However, these birds are actually still at risk to many health conditions:.

Proventricular extension disease (a viral condition influencing the gastrointestinal device).
Psittacine beak and plume illness (a catastrophic viral disease that affects the beak, plumes, and also immune system).
Psittacosis (microbial respiratory system ailment).
Beak malocclusion (thick beak).
Aspergillosis (fungus infection).
Indications that show this bird might be bad include lethargy, loss of appetite, problem breathing, as well as feather-loss or even plucking. Most of these problems are quickly treatable. See an avian animal medical practitioner if frustrating indicators emerge.

Eating plan and also Nutrition.

Family pet birds will certainly possess a far better odds of satisfying their dietary criteria if they receive loads of variety in their diet regimens.

In the untamed, jenday conures mainly indulge on fruit product, almonds, and also seeds. In captivity, they need a balanced, pelleted diet plan enhanced with nuts, seeds, and fresh fruit as well as vegetables.

Thoroughly clean their food bowls and crate frequently to avoid gear box of bloodsucking infections. Also, conures are actually thus energetic that obesity is actually generally certainly not as major of a problem as it is actually with other dog parrots.


Like other conures, jendays require appropriate area to soar, check out, as well as action. Allow your bird a minimum required of two hrs away from its own crate per day. The birds are going to discover to socialize on a play stand accentuated along with ropes, playthings, and various other appealing bird-safe novelties. Be sure the out-of-cage opportunity remains in a region without dangers like pet cats or other pets, roof enthusiasts, or even open doors or windows to the outside world. You perform certainly not want an unintended bird getaway.

Inside the cage, established your bird with tons of fun activities. A swing is a need to as these little bit of parrots are going to promptly make it their residence roost. Ladders, alarms, as well as ropes will certainly likewise supply a playground adventure.

Carry out not forget to obtain chew toys; they are voracious chewers and require to exercise their beaks on satisfactory traits instead of the crate, your home furniture, or even electric cords. Wood playthings as well as divisions changed out regularly should keep the bird involved.

Where to Adopt or Buy a Jenday Conure.

Just before you adopt a jenday, talk to your local wildlife and video game authorizations concerning any kind of legal stipulations on this varieties. Some places call for a permit to maintain them while others may ban them outright. For instance, in the United States, it is unlawful to possess one in New Jersey.

When opting for a bird, it is better to select a hand-fed little one or at least a young bird that has actually been actually managed regularly. The average cost for one of these birds is $600.

Seek a bird that is actually brilliant, alert, and also active. Stay away from a bird that is actually resting gently along with puffed feathers; it could be ill. The bird’s plumes should be actually bright and soft as well as lay down standard on the body. The feathers around the vent/cloaca (position where bird discharges feces as well as pee) must be clean, completely dry, and devoid of fecal matter. The scales on the feet ought to lie. See to it its own nails reside in good condition, and also Its beak is soft and well-shaped. Its noes should be clear and also clean.

Internet saves, adoption organizations, as well as breeders where you can easily find jenday conures include:.

Burge Bird Rescue.
Bird Breeders.

Intelligent as well as vivid, these birds have been actually well-liked dogs for many years. If you’re looking for a significant bird individuality in a compact measurements, this helpful and also multicolored types might be actually a great fit.

The bird is actually a protected types; its own capture and field are actually forbidden.

Jenday conures are social birds that thrive on interaction. Jenday conure sets generally keep their caring, trained household pet attributes if both birds get proper focus.

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