Lineolated Parakeet (Barred Parakeet)

The lineolated parakeet or even disallowed parakeet, named for its alright pipes or even disallowed markings, is one of the calmest as well as quietest participants of the parrot family, creating all of them excellent animals. Often incorrect for budgies, lineolated parakeets or even “linnies” are a little bit stockier.

Species Overview
COMMON NAMES: Lineolated parakeet, disallowed parakeet, Catherine parakeet, linnie

TAXONOMIC NAME: Bolborhynchus lineola

ADULT SIZE: 6 to 7 inches

LONGEVITY: 10 years usually in captivity but may get to twenty years along with suitable treatment

Source as well as History

Lineolated parakeets of different subspecies live in the wilds of Mexico, Central America, and South America. In the crazy, they live in groups of up to Twenty birds.


Lineolated parakeets establish enchanting and also relaxed individuals when properly looked after for as well as hand-fed as children. They are astonishingly social birds by nature, as well as they really love to spend time with (and also resting on) their proprietors. Concerning the very same dimension as a budgie or even sweetheart, it typically possesses a calmer predisposition than either bird.

Recognized to create humorous little pets, the strongly social lineolated parakeet makes a really amusing relative, regularly eager to hang around playing with its human flockmates. Any person considering using one of these birds should ensure that they possess a lot of opportunity to invest connecting along with their brand-new family pet, as lineolated parakeets bore effortlessly and need to have adequate everyday leisure.

A lineolated parakeet’s all-natural call is smooth and also just about song-like. This smart species can easily find out to whistle and also speak. Considering that it is a quieter types, you may maintain a lineolated parakeet in a home or identical real estate where you possess conscientious neighbors.

Speech and also Vocalizations

These fun birds are actually quieter than the majority of parakeets– they have a tendency to babble rather than screech and can be extremely able talkers, proclaiming accurately, though along with a more restricted vocabulary than various other parrots. These birds are actually terrific at resembling noises and whistles.

Lineolated Parakeet Colors and also Markings

Lineolated parakeets in the wild show mainly environment-friendly plumes covered with sinister as well as black environment-friendly stripes on their spines, edges, as well as wings. Captive-bred lineolated parakeets may show an array of color mutations– the plumes alter different colors after leaving the wild– including blue, cobalt, turquoise, and also white colored.

Male and women are actually almost the same, although cautious onlookers might observe that the black stripes are extra many on guys.

Caring for the Lineolated Parakeet

This is a small bird that doesn’t need a huge crate, although greater is actually always much better. For a singular lineolated parakeet, the basic lowest is actually a 24-inch square crate, offered you are actually giving the bird sufficient outside-the-cage time per day. These birds also do pretty well in aviary environments with various other linnies or even associated small varieties, however realize that little flocks might be a little bit noisy.

Although they are actually not infamous for harm, lineolated parakeets, like all parrot varieties, is going to bite as well as nibble, so offer your bird with a lot of reasonable munch toys and organic hardwood divisions that are going to aid it distinguish when chomping proves out.

Your lineolated parakeet should be made it possible for away from his cage to interact with the household for many hrs daily. These birds like to walk about on furnishings and also floorings, and some proprietors disclose that the birds like to tunnel under materials and also coverings.

Like other parrots, the lineolated parakeet may look at a difficult teen duration where they tackle as well as attack, yet this soon passes as well as is typically very little of a complication, as the birds aren’t large sufficient to accomplish severe damage. This teenage time frame quickly passes and provides way to a lovable animal.

The nails on a lineolated parakeet develop very prompt and will need to have routine cutting. As it is actually a jungle bird, linnies adore to bathe in a standing water meal. They take pleasure in once a week or even day-to-day downpours along with a spray bottle full of luke-warm water. Make certain your bird can easily dry as well as preen off in a space that is actually certainly not breezy.

Common Health Problems

Lineolated parakeets and budgies are actually vulnerable to several of the very same illness as various other parrot species, as well as these are actually usually disastrous in such small birds where procedure is difficult.

A lot of other issues along with tiny parrots such as budgies as well as linnies may be vitamin shortages, which may be managed and protected against by producing certain the diet plan is varied as well as features clean fruit product as well as vegetables, not only seeds.

Parakeets are specifically susceptible to fatty cysts, and also a lot of pros suggest nourishing these little birds grew seeds as a safety net.

Diet and also Nutrition

In the wild, this bird eats different seeds, larvae, pests, as well as fruit products. Similar to any type of hookbill types maintained as a household pet, it is vital to make sure that imprisoned lineolated parakeets are actually fed a diet plan of top quality seed and also pellet mix, along with a variety of bird-safe new vegetables and fruits.

A bird will take up to 1 tablespoon of meals daily. Deal fresh veggies and fruits every other time, together with its seed as well as pellet mix. Also, provide more vegetables than fruit products. Fruits canister often induce intestinal troubles. If you discover watery feces, cut back on the regularity of the fruits.

Lineolated parakeets appreciate fresh sprouts and spray millet. Offer calcium such as a mineral or even a cuttlebone block.


Lineolated parakeets are really energetic birds that spend a bunch of electricity in bush playing and also connecting with their flockmates, seeking for meals, and ensuring that killers are certainly not targeting them.

In general, a lineolated parakeet needs 3 to 4 hrs of out-of-cage play daily to acquire adequate physical exercise. Prospective owners should see to it that they can easily monitor their birds in a secure, bird-proofed place in the course of these play treatments.

Where to Adopt or even Buy a Lineolated Parakeet

Breeders offer lineolated parakeets in the series of $200 to $300. You may additionally discover this bird through saving or adopting companies. Create certain that the breeder is reliable by asking them how long they’ve been operating as well as breeding along with the species if you’re going the breeder route.

Make certain that the bird you want to take away is alert, energetic, and exhibits all the indications of a well-balanced bird, such as intense eyes, clean plumes, as well as complete plants. Savings, adoption companies, and also dog breeders where you may find lineolated parakeets feature:

  • Lineolated Parakeet Society dog breeder list
  • Use a Pet
  • Bird Breeders

The lineolated parakeet or stopped parakeet, named for its alright pipes or even stopped markings, is one of the calmest and also quietest members of the parrot family members, creating them suitable household pets. Because it is actually a quieter types, you may always keep a lineolated parakeet in an apartment or similar housing where you possess conscientious next-door neighbors.

Lineolated parakeets in the crazy show mainly green plumes overlaid along with black and sinister green red stripes on their backs, sides, and also wings. Captive-bred lineolated parakeets may show an assortment of colour mutations– the feathers transform colour after leaving behind the untamed– featuring blue, cobalt, turquoise, and white.

For a solitary lineolated parakeet, the basic minimum is a 24-inch square cage, supplied you are giving the bird ample outside-the-cage time each time.

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