Moustached Parakeet: Bird Species Profile

A beautiful parrot, the moustached parakeet is actually called for its distinct plumes over the beak that resembles an impeccable mustache. This bird creates a fantastic family pet as well as possesses a pleasant, outbound personality that bird enthusiasts delight in. If you’re looking for a little parrot that could speak and perch on your shoulder, the moustached parakeet is actually a types to think about.

Species Overview
COMMON NAMES: Moustached parakeet, mustache parakeet, Java parakeet, red-breasted parakeet

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Psittacula alexandri

ADULT SIZE: 13 to 15 ins

LIFE EXPECTANCY: 25 years with correct treatment

Origin and also History

The moustached parakeet has extensive selection in southeast Asia. Feral populations are dispersing to many various other places, including bordering cities.

In the crazy, this species has a tendency to stay in mountain ranges, forests, as well as mountains and also collect in flocks of up to 60 birds. This bird possesses a clearly noisy alert calling when hazard approaches.


When hand-fed as little ones and also correctly socialized, Moustached parakeets may produce charming household pets. They are actually energetic, social critters that love to hang out participating in activities and also hang around with their owners.

Some owners of moustached parakeets state that their birds often tend to act bossy or even clingy. If they really feel overlooked, they are going to demand a proprietor’s attention. Nonetheless, they perform often tend to become a lot more kicked back than the boisterous Indian ringneck parakeet.

Moustached parakeets do certainly not often tend to appreciate a considerable amount of cuddling, though will certainly welcome some stroking near the back. It might heat to even more hugging if handled usually as well as delicately.

While moustached parakeets are very intelligent and very trainable, some managers state aggression concerns. This actions typically comes from insufficient socialization. Moustached parakeets usually tend to choose a preferred individual as well as connect strongly along with them while acting out towards people and also household pets.

Like other Asiatic varieties, they likewise experience a duration of assertive bluffing habits– biting as well as areal– during their teenage years. Due to this as well as their need for extra interest, they might certainly not be the greatest “novice” bird species, though some birders vary in point of view.

Known to become great talkers (specifically the men), these birds will definitely compensate their proprietors along with years of absurd company if appropriately looked after.

Speech and also Vocalizations

While all parrots will definitely make a certain quantity of noise, moustached parakeets are one of the quieter varieties in terms of yelling and squawking. A lot of proprietors disclose that the birds will considerably rather speak or even whistle nicely than wail ear-piercing howls. Therefore, a moustached parakeet might be actually the ideal selection for those that wish a parrot however would choose a quieter bird.

Moustached Parakeet Colors and Markings

Moustached parakeets feature a rainbow of shades in their stunning quill. They possess powder-blue heads along with unique “moustache” dark red stripes over and also below their beaks.

A dimorphic varieties, it is actually relatively very easy to inform men and women apart. While the males possess a brighter pink boob, the most convenient technique to identify the sexes is actually by looking at the beak.

Some color anomalies appear from time to time; birds may have extra blue or turquoise in their tuft.

Taking care of a Moustached Parakeet

As animal birds, moustached parakeets are not as typical as a few other species, though they are coming to be more well-liked. They are actually frequently only readily available with specialized dog breeders.

At the minimum, this bird requires a tiny macaw cage– 3 feets by 2 feet through 3 feet. 2 people must certainly not share a crate, as well as different sexes together may additionally be a trouble. Women often tend to dominate males.

These birds are actually curious and also will constantly wish to recognize what you’re performing. It’s best to have a perch nearby and also take the bird back to it whenever it wanders off.

A moustached parakeet might certainly not be the best selection– it’s more a one-person dog if you are fascinated in a family pet for the entire loved ones. If you are a single person or typically intend to be actually the bird’s single carer, after that this bird could extremely properly be the most dedicated partner you are going to ever possess.

Common Health Problems

This bird is actually a durable types, yet it may be vulnerable to a couple of conditions:

  • Polyoma, a fatal bird virus
  • Sarcocystosis, a leechlike health condition
  • Aspergillosis, a fungal condition
  • Microbial infections
  • Vitamin An insufficiency
  • Psittacosis (parrot fever), an ailment dued to the chlamydia microorganisms

Diet and also Nutrition

In the wild, this bird consumes seeds, fruit products, and blossoms. As with all parrots, it is actually important to nourish dog moustached parakeets a diverse diet regimen that features a premium office pellet formula as well as seed blend, along with a series of clean foods.

They often tend to be actually a lot less difficult than various other birds regarding the kinds of veggies and fruit products they are ready to make an effort. Seeds must be fed in moderation to stay clear of being overweight, yet are actually a vital source of healthy protein for your bird.

Veggies and fruits that you can feed include melon, apple, cabbage, strawberries, carrots, kale greens, and banana. Do not feed avocado, as it could be poisonous to these birds.


Moustached parakeets are incredibly active birds, both in the wild and also in bondage. Provide this bird lots of room to climb up, turn, and participate in each in and out of their cages.

Moustached parakeets need to get a lowest of 4 hrs of administered playtime away from their crates every day in a safe, “bird-proofed” area. Because of these needs, they might certainly not create the greatest pet dogs for an individual that has very little time to connect along with their pet dogs.

Toys are necessary to keeping this parakeet delighted and also out of issue. Ensure to offer your bird a large cage with a lot of ladders, swings, as well as eat toys. Any sort of toys created of hardwood, leather, or beads will certainly be a lot cherished and also provide necessary stimulation.

Where to Adopt or Buy a Moustached Parakeet

Get in touch with neighborhood dog breeders and check out along with their birds to obtain a feel for their characters. This check out can provide you a far better idea of what it’s like to stay along with a moustached parakeet.

  • Bird Breeders
  • Hookbills available
  • Embrace a Pet

If getting with a breeder, ensure you interview all of them, examine the overall health of their birds, look into their living situations as well as speak to past consumers. Signs you ought to stay clear of the breeder feature confined residing conditions, non-active birds, and breeders who prevent your inquiries or perform not appear to have a lot information on their birds.

This bird brings in a great pet and possesses a wonderful, outward bound individual that bird fanatics take pleasure in. In the untamed, this varieties usually tends to reside in woodlands, mountains, and mountains and also collect in groups of up to 60 birds. Some managers of moustached parakeets report that their birds have a tendency to take action bossy or even clingy. For this main reason, a moustached parakeet might be actually the best option for those who desire a parrot yet would prefer a quieter bird.

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